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Pumps up to 1 gallon per 4 full strokes
Includes 6 ft. drain hose
Works great for draining water from boats, toilets, sinks, rain barrels, pools, fountains, ponds, lakes & general water transfer
Two size options: 36 in. water pump or 18 in. water pump
Includes garden, suction and drain hose adapters
Easy to assemble and requires no electricity to operate
Garden hose adapter included
Sku / Model 691-3330 / BA90300
Performance 1 gallon per 4 full strokes
Length Options 36 in. or 18 in.
Drain Hose Length 6 ft.
Discharge Size 1-1/2 in. (3/4 in. garden hose adapter)
Attachments Drain Hose Adapter
Garden Hose Adapter
Suction Attachment
Rod Construction Aluminum
Check valve Rubber
Warrany 1 Year
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